Day 84 - Sorry, this was all I had for today... self portrait so I could play with some new software trial... gosh if I had known that I could make myself look 20 years younger with a button, I would have done it sooner. LOL   Took me some time to get a shot that was in focus the way I wanted it. I think I may also need to change the battery in my Nikon Remote. Can you tell I digitally tweezed my eyebrows... LOL  All kidding aside, I wasn't aware of all the software that they have for skin tones and smoothing. WOW  Anyone have any software they like, this one was OK, but I bet they have better. Input on your fav. software for skin?

Michele Wiggen

    My shutterbug habit started at the young age of 13 when my dad gave me an OM1. I have moved reluctantly to digital and love the ability to shoot with abandon.

    Most importantly I am a mother of a wonderful son who shares some of my hobbies.

    I enjoy challenges and hope that I continue to have a full and blessed life.

    Enjoy looking around.

    Michele Wiggen